Do you really need the Electronic Ignition & shut off system for use with your fire bowl?

It depends where and how many fire bowls you are planning to have. If you plan to have one fire bowl that you plan to sit around, it's not always necessary to have an Electronic ignition system. Always check local codes since some cities require you to have one.

Regardless of local codes, if you have a few fire bowls around your yard it make sense to have some way to turn them all on and off from one easy to access location. Also, always in any commercial applications an Electronic Ignition is a must.

Or as one customer we have in the Bahamas said to me, after a week of using the manual light fire bowls, "I am tired of stumbling in dark the shut off the supply to them, it was a mistake on my part not to take the electronic ignition".

So as another customer said to me - if I could only learn from our collective mistakes, maybe we won't make any more.

I hope I helped someone making the right decision.

The Electronic Ignition Concrete Creations use comes together with the All Brass Cross fire burner by Warming Trends LLC.  And remember Electronic Ignition or manual light, NEVER leave a fire bowl unattended.


Simplicity Edge with All Weather Electronic Ignition System, and cross fire burner.

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