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Wok Fire pits/ Fire Bowls

The Wok Fire bowl can be fabricated in a deep design or a shallow design. We offer it in may sizes, and will fit it with the correct size burner for the bowl and for your needs. 

Demonstrating different colors, different installations, different burners and different media inside the bowls. 

We hope to give you enough information to help you choose the right fire bowl for your situation. 

Wok fire bowl available to order in these sizes:


Bowl size
72" w x 22" h
60" w x 24" h 
60" w x 18" h 
54" w x 18" h
54" w x 14" h
48" w x 18" h
48" w x 12" h
42" w x 17" h
36" w x 15" h
36" w x 12" h
36" w x 9" h
32" w x 7" h
30" w x 12" h
24" w x 12" h