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Meron Ribbed Fire Bowl

Both our Meron and Meron Ribbed are offered in several sizes. Some of the fire bowls are offered in different heights in case they will need to accomodate electronic igntion system, or for other reasons. 
Typcally we don't like to make the fire bowl taller than 18" however if we are fabricating a water & fire feature, or any other custom design we can make the base bowl as large as we want and as tall as we need for the application. 

As always talk with us for help with the correct size and style burner. 

72" w x 18" h
60" w x 18" h 
54" w x 18" h 
48" w x 18" h 
48" w x 16" h
42" w x 14" h
36" w x 12" h - 15" 
30" w x 10" h
24" w x 08" h