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Simplicity Fire bowl/ Fire Pit

The Simplicity fire bowl Bowl is by far the most popoular of Concrete Creations Fire bowls.
The Simplicity and its sister bowl the Simplicity Edge (formarly known as Custom Simplicity).
Share the same simple clean exterior lines. Lip size is 2"- 4" depending on the size of the bowl. 

In this cataegory you will see several Simplicity fire bowls in different size.

Demonstarting diffrent colors, different installtions, diffrent burners and different media inside the bowls. 
We hope to give you enough information to help you choose the right fire bowl for your cituation. 

Simplicity Edge fire bowl available to order in these sizes:

72" w x 18" h (29" base)
60" w x 18" h (18" base)
54" w x 18" h (17" base)
48" w x 18" h (16" base)
44" w x 17" h (16" base)
40" w x 19" h (20" base)
40" w x 15" h (15" base)
37.5" w x 13.5" h (13" base)
30" w x 12" h (8" Base)