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Finish options

The finished concrete pot, concrete planter and our other concrete products have no mold marks or seams, and have a unique handmade natural look. Our concrete products are made in over 120 different colors, with several different types of finishes.

We offer few main finishes, but over the years with a lot of popular designs being Modern Contemporary, we end up doing mostly the smooth #90 finish. 

Smooth # 90 -  This finish is the smoothest from all of our finish options. This finish is is still a bit sandy and does not have the precast in mold look. 

Semi Smooth - This finish is less smooth than #90 since we use rougher #30 Sand. 

Light Antique Stone - This finish incorporate the stamping technic done when the cement is still wet using a mold pad that has the stone appearance with a separating releasing agent powder. It can be done in the same color as the base coat or a different color to add more depth, and variation. Pots with this finish often looks like they have been excavated. 

Light Antique Stone Acid - This added acid stain make the variations in the colors even more bold. 

Natural Organic - is almost raw finish, the un finished finish. You can see the grooves and small holes, but it does not look like the precast products.