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Water & Fire Fountain

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This Water and Fire Fountain design includes three D-Jarrah Ribbed Oil Jars and two custom Fire Bowls, that when desired operate together with the fountain.


Water and Fire... Opposites beautifully attracting...


The design includes:

One D-Jarrah Ribbed Oil Jar

28" w X 52" h in light antique stone finish with Bronze color in the center.

Two D-Jarrah Ribbed Oil Jars

22.5" w X 42" h in light antique stone finish with Toasted cream color.

Two Custom Fire Bowls

36" w X 12" h base size is 18" in smooth #90 finish with Aztec Gold color.


The Water and Fire was designed in cooperation with Pat Wanta from Regency Homes, the owners of the residence, and Concrete Creations.


You can select any other size.

You can add or eliminate ribs, modify the shape, base or opening size. You can even add handles.

You can add trash receptacles and ash urns as a set.

Available finishes: smooth #90, semi smooth, and antique stone finish in over 120 colors.

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Our Warranty:
Concrete Creations warranties its products, when purchased new, to be free from defects in Materials and workmanship under normal use and service for one year from the original provable date of purchase. Replacement or repair at the option of Concrete Creations of defective part shall be the sole remedy of this warranty.

About our manufacturing process:
In a process similar to ancient clay pottery techniques, our concrete pots and bowls are hand turned on a large wheel while layers of cement are applied onto iron reinforcement. When this process is utilized with cement as well as fibers and other additives, it increases the strength and durability of the pot or bowl tremendously. All Concrete Creations products are enhanced with clear interior and exterior sealer protection; for water feature usage as well as for the freeze and thaw process. 

Our Products are not made by machine, and not poured into molds. The hand made - hand thrown process is unique to our products. The finish and coloring is not always uniform, because it is hand sponged. You can expect slight imperfections in the finish or color. This is normal for our hand made products and enhance the look of each piece.  

Concrete Creations makes every effort to pack and protect all shipped products, including the purchase of shipping insurance. Nonetheless, damages do rarely occur during shipment. Our products are packed and crated in a specially built wooden crate to fit each of our products.  In the effort to avoid unnecessary problems please adhere to the following simple guidelines:
  • A designated person should always be present at the project to receive the pots, even if the shipping company suggests that it is not necessary. 
  • The shipment should always be inspected carefully for exterior damage to the box. Please Call Concrete Creations if there is any damage. Then please write the damages onto the bill of landing and have the driver sign the bill; take photographs. Whether there is damage to the exterior box or not, please open the boxes carefully while the driver is still present. The walls of the crate are nailed together and the top screwed down onto the walls.