We ordered the Custom Simplicity 54” x 18” with 10” lip with the Cross fire burner and absolutely love it! It's beautiful -- we love everything about it: the shape, and the size, and the color. It's located in a very visible part of our yard, where we can see it from our home computer, our kitchen window, and where we have our morning coffee. We've only had a chance to see it in action at night a few times, but it's gorgeous then as well, and very warm (with no smoke, woohoo!) Nava was great, keeping in touch and was even advising us on the differences in price, function and appearance of lava vs glass. We ended up trying both lava and glass, and although we like the looks of both, the glass seems to retain the heat better, so we may alternate based on the time of year, time will tell. We had hopes we'd be able to get our firepit installed in time for New Year's eve, and were so happy that they were willing to deliver it only days after returning from their overseas vacation so we could enjoy it that night with friends. We couldn't be more thrilled.