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Fire Bowls 101

Fire Bowls 101- Everything that you want to know about fire bowls and a few things that you never thought that you needed to know.


Please read through Fire Bowls 101, we'll walk you through the below issues.


Natural gas, liquid propane (LP), gel, ethanol, or fire wood?

What do I need for a wood burning fire bowl?

How do I prepare for a natural gas fire bowl?

How do I prepare for a liquid propane (LP) fire bowl?

How do I choose the right size fire bowl for my situation?

Do I need a shut-off valve and where should it be placed?

Does the fire bowl require a concrete pad or can the bowl fit on DG (Decomposed Granite), or stone?

Why do we use a pan?

Are the fire bowls Fire Rated or do they have a UL number?

Do I need to cover the fire bowl?

Why BTU matters?

What is an electronic ignition and shut-off system?

Am I required to have an electronic ignition system?

How do I choose the right burner for match lit?

Does the flame look the same on both burners?

Where can I see what each of the burner flames look like?

What else should I consider when before ordering?

Why should I purchase a fire bowl from Concrete Creations when there are many other options?

Shipping, Warranty and Placement

About the Concrete Creations manufacturing process?

What if I have more questions?

What should I expect over time?

What is your warranty?

How to make sure the shipping goes smoothly.

What to expect if we deliver the fire bowl to you.

Installation, Safety, and Maintenance

How to make sure everything goes smoothly during and after installation?

How do I turn on a match lit fire bowl?

Can I leave my fire bowl unattended if I have an electronic ignition?

Does the fire bowl itself get too hot to touch?

How do I clean my bowl?

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