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Fire Bowls 101


Please read through Fire Bowls 101 and simply CLICK ON any Question/Point; the Answer will pop Open
Over the years of serving our customers, Concrete Creations has developed a sense of what works best. To help our clients' plan for their fire bowl, we have compiled a list of commonly asked questions. We encourage you to ask us to add any additional questions. (click here)


How do I determine what size fire bowl works for me?
Natural gas, liquid propane (LP), gel, ethanol, or fire wood?
How do I prepare for natural gas or LP fire bowls?
Does the fire bowl require a concrete pad or can the bowl fit on DG (Decomposed Granite), or stone?
Are the fire bowls Fire Rated or do they have a UL number?
Do I need to cover the fire bowl?
Burners and BTU?
What is an electronic ignition and shut-off system?
Am I required to have an electronic ignition system?
How do I choose the right burner?
Does the flame look the same on both burners?
Where can I see what each of the burner flames look like?
Why use a pan?
What else should I consider when before ordering?
What if I have more questions?
About the Concrete Creations manufacturing process?
What should I expect over time?
What is your warranty?
How do I avoid problems during shipping?
How do I avoid problems before, during and after installation?
How do I clean my bowl?

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