Fire Bowls/Fire pits Concrete Creations offer the greatest selection of fire bowls available anywhere, and continue to add new designs very often.
Our Concrete Fire Bowls are very different from what is available elsewhere; Our bowls are not precast in molds, they are proudly made in the USA
Water Features Concrete Creations water features decorates residential, commercial projects, as well as public projects. We pride ourselves for an Outside Of the Box designing, and solving problems attitude. Concrete Creations custom build water features per spec, without the need for molds, mold fee, etc. So only the sky is the limit. The Tivoli bowl in the photo was designed with four copper spouts and a pedestal to compliment the columns around the house. The design work was done in cooperation with homeowner.
Custom Work Concrete Creations asides from having too many to count designs and size, also offer to build a pot per your design. 

We were involved in many projects that took the design from the drawing board to reality. 

Such projects like the African design theme pots , light pole posts & trash receptacles per RRM Design group sketches, for the Crenshaw District in Los Angeles, CA. 

Another project we were involved in fun street-scape in Northern CA.
Contemporary Design Concrete Creations is proud to offer and answer today's demand for contemporary design planters.
Size is not a problem! These Symphony planters stand 50" tall.
Like all of our planters they are reinforced with both iron and fibers.
Oil Jars We at Concrete Creations Love our oil jars.
Our oil jars comes in a very large variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. Our designs ideas are influenced from our own traditions and history in ancient Judea - the Holy Land (Modern day Israel), as well as the Mediterranean, Spanish, and Greek influences.
They can be used for planting, as a water feature, or as a focal point.
As always, you can sketch your own oil jar, and we can make it!

Staying tune- from Start to finish.

One Stop Shop

We at Concrete Creations used to offer only what we make, however a few years ago, a customer told us that she didn't want to deal with several companies in order to get her fire bowl. Since we listen to our customer, we realized that offering a one stop shop, is good for every one involved. We started offering a complete package; fire bowl, burner, lava, glass, fire stones etc.

Innovative Design

Some of our products comes from transforming a sketch from paper to CONCRETE. Original designs are either from Landscape architects, or from our studio.

Stay Informed

Over the years of serving our customers, Concrete Creations has developed a sense of what works best. To help our clients' plan for their fire bowl, we have compiled a list of commonly asked questions. We encourage you to ask us to add any additional questions.