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Fire Bowls / Fire Pits

Thank you for visiting the Concrete Fire Bowls collection.

As you may notice we offer the greatest selection of fire bowls available anywhere, and continue to add new designs, and new sizes often. Our fire bowls are designed for both beauty and functionality, and give out real heat, not just ambience. 

Our Concrete Fire Bowls are very different from what is available elsewhere;

Our bowls are not precast in molds, they are proudly made in the USA, with metal reinforcement as well as fibers, each bowl is made individually by hand, spun on a wheel, with the greatest attention to detail. Or, as some of our customers say each bowl is a Piece of Art. Concrete Creations also offers the most sizes, and custom designs out there.

We invite you to read our Fire Bowls 101 to gain more knowledge, and help you selecting the correct fire bowl, correct size and correct burner, for your design plan.

  • Our fire bowls can be used with firewood, gas, and propane.
  • Our fire bowls can be made in color of your choice. 
  • Special rim to hold the fire pan/plate is included.
  • All our fire bowls come with a plate cut to size to fit the burner.
  • Most fire bowls larger than 30" with have special side hole to accommodate valve.
  • All bowls are built with 3.5"-6" hole at the center for the gas line as well as for drainage. Additional or different size holes are optional.
  • Most bowls have 2 additional holes for anchoring.
  • We supply entire system including different options of burner, and media. Different bowl size will have different burners. So talk with us to get the best option for your particular situation.
  • Our Concrete Fire Bowls are built with special additives to last the elements as well as the heat as long as you follow our guidelines, even though they are not fire rated. They are hand made in California, and are carefully crated and shipped via an insured carrier, all over the country, as well as overseas.
  • Always use a licensed heating and plumbing professional and follow local codes.
  • Always, use only fire rated material inside the bowls such as fire balls, lava rocks, or fire glass.
  • We are happy to help you find the right fit for your fire system.
  • During the winter for snowy areas make sure the bowl is not sitting in water, is drained well, completely dry and covered.
  • Bowls are sealed with a clear penetrating sealer who does not change the color or appearance.
  • Bowls need to be resealed every 1-2 years.


Never light the fire bowl when any part of your body is above the fire bowl. 
Never leave fire bowl unattended.

For more information about the different burners, and the spec look at our Fire Bowls 101 on the main website.