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Colors & Finishes

The finished concrete pot, concrete planter and our other concrete products have no mold marks or seams, and have a unique handmade natural look. Our concrete products are made in over 120 different colors, with several different types of finishes.

We use integral colors, stamp releases, and acid stains from companies such as: Colorfull by Admixtures. For the following color card Colorfull 1 we can make any of the colors.  This second color Colorfull 2 . is mainly for stamp release for the Antique stone finish, we only use a few of the mainly dark colors on that color chart, such as Java, Spice Brown, Raisin for example. *An update is coming soon. 

You can also select colors from other companies such as Davis Colors, Scofield. We will use their equivalent from Admixture.

Some of our finish options:

Smooth # 90 -  This finish is the smoothest from all of our finish options. This finish is is still a bit sandy and does not have the precast in mold look.

Smooth #90 finish

Semi Smooth - This finish is less smooth than #90 since we use rougher #30 Silica Sand. This finish can resemble a stucco finish.

Light Antique Stone - This finish incorporates the stamping technique done when the cement is still wet using a mold pad that has the stone appearance with a separated releasing agent powder. It can be done in the same color as the base coat or a different color to add more depth, and variation. Pots with this finish often look like they have been excavated.

Antique Stone finish

Light Antique Stone Acid - This added acid stain make the variations in the colors even more bold.  In the photo you can also see ribs as some of our pots have.

Antique Stone finish + Mahogany Acid


Natural Organic - This is almost a raw finish, or the un-finished finish. You can see the grooves and small holes, but it does not look like the precast products.

Natural Organic Finish

 Acid Stain - This can be added to any finish, for added variation in the colors. Acid is unpredictable in nature and many times will look different from one product to the other. Acid reacts to the water in the cement, and will continue to patina over time.

Acid finish -Ebony on White