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Fire bowls' media options

Selecting the right fire media for your fire bowl / fire pit / fire box, is as important as selecting the fire bowl itself.

First and foremost, it must be fire rated and able to handle the temperature that we offer in our fire bowls. Many other fire bowls manufacturers offer very low BTU low temperature, so make sure to complete your selections with your Concrete Creations expert, for a seamless and safe and safe experience.

We at Concrete Creations offer several types of fire media, from the best American made manufacturers and suppliers when ever is possible.

  • Lava rocks are offered in small  3/4” - 1”, and large 1.5” - 3” and are from California.
  • Rolled Lava or tumbled lava are available in small 3/4” - 1.5” and large 2”- 3.5”
  • Fire glass is offered in 1/2” size in many colors including Reflective Fire glass , as well as 1/2” fire beads, or Zircon 1” glass pebbles  from American fire glass.
  • Fire glass in larger pieces 3/4” - 1”  and 1 1/2” fire pebbles is offered from another American made source.
  • Fire pebbles, fireballs and fire shapes, as well as fire logs  are made in the USA by Rasmussen