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Ilan and I talk to many customers every day; and as they will testify, I like to make sure that everything is understood. I always try to give my best advice based on over 20 years in the business of creating fire bowls and seeing the end results.

Every once in a while we have a funny story that has a lesson that we can all learn from. So here it goes... we’ll try to share these short and sweet snippets with you, as they happen.


A customer, who will forever remain nameless, covered his fire bowl with our custom made fire bowl cover when the bowl was still hot - needless to say, the marine fabric was damaged. When he came to pick up a new cover, he told me that he was surprised that the cover was not fire resistant. He almost managed to keep a straight face, I couldn’t, I started to laugh… and he joined in.

I did add another common sense warning though: Make sure that the fire bowl, glass, and burner are completely cool - the glass might be cool to touch, but the metal burner beneath the glass may still be hotalways wait at least 10 minutes before covering your bowl.