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About Ilan

The Heart and Mind ~

The Concrete Creations concept as well as our scores of diverse designs is Ilan Skolnik.

An Idea Man Who Actually Makes Things Work ~

A background filled with years of experience in anything that can fly including: model airplanes, gliders and even drones, Ilan has designed and built the molds and models, as well as flown a multitude of flying objects utilizing numerous materials including fiberglass.

To this day Ilan’s hobby is the building of model airplanes that he searches for occasion to get lost in the clouds flying - Ilan Skolnik is that rare combination of artistic imagination and analytical know-how.

Two Halves Make a Whole ~

Nava and Ilan Skolnik became partners in life and business in 1985 – ask her someday, when time permits, and she might share her romantic tale of telling her parents that he was the man she would marry after knowing him for two short days… and they did tie the knot six months later.

When Chance Turns into a Lifetime Passion ~

After completing a job to make molds for the stones that would restore Israel’s ancient Amphitheater in Caesarea, Ilan by chance had the opportunity to observe pot making with the leftover concrete from the project. Without any prior experience, he improved the process to include the pots’ structural reinforcement and creation on a wheel.

Concrete Creations is Born, Grown, and Shipped Nationally and Internationally ~

It was 1994 when Ilan constructed Concrete Creations’ first pots literally on the patio of the Skolnik apartment in Encino, California. Shortly thereafter they moved to a house where Ilan built his studio, and has created a multitude of new Concrete Creations that have resulted in their beautifully unique iron reinforced: planters, oil jars, receptacles, fire features, water features and so much more; for national as well as international clients, for both residential and commercial placement.

And Then There Was Fire ~

Ilan built his first wood burning Fire Bowl in 2002 for their personal backyard usage,but as soon as his friends experienced its ambiance and splendor they insisted that he fabricate fire bowls for them… and the rest is history.

Artistic Spirit and Analytical Competence Fly High ~

The creative force behind Concrete Creations, Ilan Skolnik is a shy and quiet artist, as well as a brilliant problem-solver who is continuously developing new ideas and designs… and forever drawing his innovations on anything he can find handy - from napkins, envelopes, and even the occasional table cloth.

The Perfect Team ~

The introvert Ilan is married to the business savvy extrovert, Nava Skolnik; to whom he leaves the running of Concrete Creations and all of its communications.