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Special Projects

All of our projects are very special to us, because we treat   them as such. However, some projects are more unique in their design, or   application than others. Here are some of those unique projects.

This truly unique streetscape project in northern California , makes people slow down and smile, just as the designer, a USDA   landscape Architect Robert Snieckus  intended.



(based on the idea of the Russian dolls that fit one inside the other)




and everyone’s favorite



All names are on the signs near the pots.

Years later the black river rocks are faded in the sun, the maintenance   is still zero, the pots are still standing, tilting, sitting, falling, or almost buried, however they are not broken,   damaged, or vandalized.

Who said that art isn’t appreciated on the street?

Another fascinating project was the African inspired pots, trash receptacles, and light pole bases for the City of LA; from the drawing board in RRM design Group to the streets of Down Town LA, in Liemert Park. The pots have decorative elements that were directly painted on them, as well as custom painted and glazed ceramic tiles, and custom painted fiberglass tiles that were inlayed in the concrete.

Another interesting project was the setting for a   sign of an Apartment building in the Hollywood area. The sign had to look   like a Lighting bolt had struck and broke the pot. The sign actually penetrated   the huge pot (67” w x 60”.) The pot was built at a 30º   angle, looking as though it had fallen from the force of the striking   “lightning bolt.”



One of the challenges was keeping the pot safe from graffiti   and vandalism, because of its location: a 3 minutes walk from a local high   school. However, even now, a few years after installation, the urn is tag   free and still staring teenagers in the face on their way home from school.

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