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Simplicity Fire Bowls

Simplicity Fire Bowl 54" x18" Slate Color

Simplicity 54" x18" smooth #90 finish, Slate Color. Matte Sealer.
Cross Fire Burner up to 300K BTU.

Glass in Amber color 1/2"-3/4".

Photo taken by customer. Fire bowel is decorating a residence in Redmond Washington.


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  • What is the lip size in this picture?

    Hi there, 

    That's a great question since the lip size on the Simplicity bowl has to do with the size of the overall bowl. This one is about 3". 
    Generally speaking, we try to make the lip the smallest possible to get a "normal" size lip. 
    On the 54"- 60" it's about 2" -4" lip thickness. 

    The smaller bowls will have about 2"-2.5" thickness, to get a slimmer lip design. 

    Thank you for your question, we are always here to help.

  • Can this be done with a propane tank.

    Yes of course, our fire bowls can work with either natural gas or Propane, assuming you have a large propane tank in your yard.

    Our fire bowls are designed to give real heat so a small propane tank like most people have under their BBQ will not work with our fire bowls since it will not be very user friendly, or make any sense. No one wants to go and change propane tanks after a few hours of use.

    Please read more about it in our Fire bowls 101 section on the website. 
    You are welcome to call, so I can help you figure out what would work best for your specific situation.