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Macabee Oil jar

This Macabee Oil Jar is used as a stand-alone fountain.

This fountain can be both heard and seen from both inside and outside the house.

This Macabee Oil Jar is a towering 27" w x 72" h in smooth #90 finish with Spice and Mission Brown acid stain.

This project was designed by Avi Bet Halakhmi from Avi Bet Associates in Palm Desert, CA.

You can select any other size.

You can add or eliminate ribs, modify the shape, base or opening size. You can even add handles.

You can add trash receptacles and ash urns as a set.

Available finishes: smooth #90, semi smooth, and antique stone finish in over 120 colors.

You can specify any size holes.

All pots are sealed from both interior and exterior with no extra charge.

Some Available Sizes:

30" w x 80" h 24" w x 64" h
27" w x 72" h 18" w x 48" h


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