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Simplicity Sugar Bowl 92"x30"

The Simplicity Sugar Bowl in the photo has the classic look of a Sugar bowl used in the south, and yes it is a giant at 92" OD x 30" h,  shown here in Coffee color.

It is interesting to see how DeSantis Landscape chose to install it, the results are very surprising yet dramatic. 

This project is in Oregon.

For more photos scroll down to the end of the page.

Some other possible Sizes:
72" w x 28" h 60" w x 28" h 54" w x 28" h 48" w x 24" h
72" w x 24" h 60" w x 24" h 54" w x 24" h 48" w x 18" h
72" w x 18" h 60" w x 18" h 54" w x 18" h 48" w x 12" h

36" w x 18" h 34" w x 10" h 30" w x 15" h 24" w x 12" h
36" w x 12" h 32" w x 12" h 30" w x 12" h 24" w x 08" h
36" w x 09" h 32" w x 15" h 30" w x 12" h 18" w x 08" h


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  • I am a landscape architect in Houston, and I was wondering if you could provide me pricing on the simplicity sugar bowl. Thank you

    Hi there Happy new year, 
    Please email me Nava@ConcreteCreationsLA.com Or text me I need to know what size and where is the project so I can price it.