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Water Features Residential

Simplicity Water Bowl 48" x18" Coffee color

The Water Bowl in the photo is our Simplicity Water Bowl, it is 48" w x 18" h in our smooth # 90 finish in Coffee Color.

 It decorates the Saarloos Winery in Los Olivos, CA and is part of a water and fire design. The two identical 48" w Simplicity Bowls have fire in one and water in the other.

When used as a fire bowl sand and Lava rocks should be placed inside the bowl so that the fire does not directly touch the concrete.

You can light either wood logs, or use a gas line and lava rocks.

Always use only materials that are intended for fire.

Some Available Sizes:

48" w x 18" h 96" w x 18" h or 24"
40" w x 15" h 92" w x 30" h  or 24" 
36" w x 13.5" h 72" w x 18" h or 24" 
30" w x 11" h 60" w x 18" h  or 24" 
24" w x 10" h 54" w x 18" h or 24" 


Ask a Question
  • 1. Is the fountain self-contained so that it motors and re-circulates water continuously? 2. Do you have any other images of the working fountain? 3. Is it possible to get samples of all the finishes/colors? 4. What is the lead time?

    Great questions, please email me Nava@ConcreteCreationsLA.com  or call me.

    1. The fountain can either recirculate the water inside the bowl or spill out, it depends on what you want it to do.  

    2. There are many photos of the Simplicity or other bowl fountains on the website, you can just search in the catalog under the selection of  water feature commercial 
    and water feature residential 

    3. As to color samples, we charge $35  per sample and it is refundable for up to two of them when we do the project.  Look here for colors and try to narrow it down. 
    * A few good tips for color selection on fountains are:
    Never try to match, try to contrast, or compliment the surrounding
    Any time you think you found a color you like, it's best to enter its name ( not the number) in the search box, and any photo labeled in that color will pop. 
    Any place where you have water will get you watermarks when the water gets dry.   It's natural it's part of having a water feature. You know yourself, some people will look at it and say it's part of the aging process of concrete and will love it, and some people won't sleep at night until they clean it. My recommendation is to choose a color that will not show them as much. 

    4. Lead time for water bowls is about 6-8 weeks, right now, but that is changing. 
    Funny that you just called me, as I was finishing up answering you.  I am leaving the questions and answers here since those are really good questions.