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Aladdin Oil Jar Fountain 52" x 60"

This Aladdin Oil Jar Fountain decorates a home in Lahaina, in Maui, Hawaii. 

We worked directly with the homeowner on this project. They were very much involved in scale and color choice. We created a special shelf inside the oil jar so that a water pipe could pass through it, keeping the oil jar from being full of water. The water trickles down into the ground and creates the illusion of a disappearing water fountain. The reservoir is hidden below. 

The Aladdin Oli jar arrived and was finally installed a few weeks before the fire burned part of the town.  Miraculously, that home was spared from the fires that devastated the island.  

The size of the Aladdin is enormous, but in this yard, it almost looks small. It is finished in a light antique stone finish in Paloma on Paloma.  

When we worked on this humongous oil jar, we also happened to work on three small bowls, took this photo for some perspective, and sent it to the homeowners. 

Shown in 52" wide x 60" tall

The Aladdin is a gorgeous oil jar that looks amazing as a water feature either as a stand-alone or with other jars. 


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