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King Solomon Seating set

The King Solomon Seating Set will make anyone feel as luxurious as a king sitting in his garden.

Solomon, the king of ancient Israel, known for being the "wisest of all men," spent seven years building the holy temple in Jerusalem in approximately 800 BC.

The King Solomon Seating Set includes: 4 benches/chairs and a unique coffee table. Although the set is made of concrete with a stone finish, it is extremely comfortable to sit or recline on, and the arm rests make wonderful head rests for lounging on. The set is both comfortable and luxurious with or without your favorite pillows. The King Solomon benches/chairs have a wooden back with Concrete Creation's special finish. The King Solomon coffee table is made in one piece, with a polished top for added functionality and style. The King Solomon Seating Set, like most of our large pieces, once placed will never walk away.

Our unique jars placed around the King Solomon Seating Set are not included in the set, and can be made to any specification if you desire.

Collections: X-Benches

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