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The Simplicity Bowl in the photo has the classic look of an open bowl without any complicating details. 72" x 24" in the main photo, smooth #90 finish in Coffee color. This piece of heaven was designed by Jeff Carbo Landscape Architect for the President of ULM in Monre Louisiana, the Simplicity Bowl was designed as a model of the traditional Sugar kettle used in the south.

In other photos the Simplicity Bowl is in 34" w x 10" h in smooth #90 finish.

  • You can select any other size, squared, round, 1/2, inside corner, or outside corner.
  • You can add or eliminate ribs, modify the shape, base or opening size.
  • You can add trash receptacles and ash urns as a set.
  • Available finishes: smooth #90, semi smooth, and antique stone finish in over 120 colors.
  • You can specify any size holes.
  • All pots are sealed from both interior and exterior with no extra charge.
  • Available also as a Fountain please specify use when ordering.


72" w x 28" h 60" w x 28" h 54" w x 28" h 48" w x 24" h
72" w x 24" h 60" w x 24" h 54" w x 24" h 48" w x 18" h
72" w x 18" h 60" w x 18" h 54" w x 18" h 48" w x 12" h
36" w x 18" h 34" w x 10" h 30" w x 15" h 24" w x 12" h
36" w x 12" h 32" w x 12" h 30" w x 12" h 24" w x 08" h
36" w x 09" h 32" w x 15" h 30" w x 12" h 18" w x 08" h


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Ask a Question
  • I would like to specify a 'Simplicity' bowl that is 84" diameter to use as a fire pit on a Las Vegas golf club project we are designing. is this a custom size you can provide? whats the usual process a contractor will have to go through to order and get this product on site?

    Yes, you can specify that size. 
    It's easy to just give us a call at 818-727-1078 to help finalize the specs. 
    I will then have a file for that project, and when the contactor call to bid or order I will refer to it. 
    Pretty simple, I keep track of all projects that way, and make sure nothing is missed.