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Simplicity Edge Fire Bowl 60" x18" 12" lip, Coffee color

This Simplicity Edge Fire Bowl was designed by Studio Green for a residence in San Anselmo, CA.

The Simplicity Edge Fire Bowl 60" x18" was designed to have a 12" oversized edge/ lip.

Shown here in Coffee color smooth #90 finish.

Fire Bowl has a 12" Stainless Steel Ring, and fire glass in green, clear, and red.

Fire bowl is sitting a few inches below the grade and create the illusion of a bigger base and squattier bowl.

Concrete Creations worked closely with the Landscape Architect to achieve the desired results.
Can be fabricated in the following sizes: 

Bowl size

lip / Edge size

72" w x 18" h (29" base)

6", 8", 10", 12" over size lip

60" w x 18" h (18" Base)

6", 8", 10", 12"  over size lip

54" w x 18" h (17" base)

8" or  10" over size lip

48" w x 18" h (16" base)

6" or 8" over size lip

48" w x 15" h (16"-17" base)

5", 6", 8" over size lip

44" w x 17" h (16" base)

5", 6", 8" over size lip

40" w x 18" h (20" base)

5" over size lip

40" w x 15" h (15" base)

5" over size lip

37.5" w x 13.5" h  (13" base)

4"-5" over size lip


Ask a Question
  • How much is the above item?

    That's a good question, it really depends on the burner you select, whether you want electronic ignition or match lit.
    If it is for natural gas or LP. 

    The price range is from about $4,600-$7,500 including Lava and cover + shipping or delivery.  
    It's better to email us or call us and have a short discussion just to see what you would really need.

  • Is there a list of parts ( gas parts) that are supplied when some one purchases a Simplicity Edge Fire bowl from you? Size requested is 48" x 15".

    That's a great question, we at Concrete Creations supply everything that you need above the gas line with any of the fire bowls you are selecting. 

    When you select the fire bowl and ask for a price quote we will include in the quote the parts that are included for the correct burner and the size of the bowl. 

    Generally for the Simplicity Edge 48" x15" the parts that would be included are the burner, plate, one valve, key, and two flex lines, plus an extra key. If you select the Crossfire burner 180K BTU or more it would be coming with a high Capacity valve and two high capacity flex lines.  Your plumber might be needing a reducer to fit the gas line to the flex line. 

  • Where is the gas pipe hole on these fire bowls?

    Hi there, the hole is at the bottom. It's large enough for the gas line as well as drainage. 
    The gas line should be about 3.5”-5.5” above the finished ground level. 
    The idea is that you don't see the gas line.

    Thank you