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Simplicity Fire Bowl 40" x15" Smoke Gray Color

Simplicity Fire Bowl 40" x15" smooth #90 finish Smoke Gray color.

Fire ring

Lava rocks.

Photo was taken in a residence in Los Angeles, CA


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  • How much is this and how much does this weigh?

    This Simplicity Fire Bowl 40" x15" weighs about 330 lbs.
    Once you add the plate, the burner and the media which could be (lava, Glass, etc) it could be around 550-650 lbs. 
    Just remember that you are not expected to lift it into place. 
    Make sure to communicate with us where it's going be installed so we can be of help.
    As to the cost it depends on your choice of the burner, and your choice of media. The cost starts at $2100 and up. 
    Please email me for a complete quote including shipping.