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Symphony Bowl

The Symphony bowls in the photos are decorating the Vintners Grove Office Park in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. They work very well with our Barrel trash receptacles and ash urns, which are decorating the same project. Architerra Design Group designed the project.

The Symphony Bowl size in the photo is 36"w x 15" and is in Dusky Green smooth #90.

As always, these bowls can be used as a water/fire feature; please specify when ordering.

  • You can select any other size, squared, round, 1/2, inside corner, or outside corner.
  • You can add or eliminate ribs and modify the shape, base, or opening size.
  • You can add trash receptacles and ash urns as a set.
  • Available finishes: smooth #90, semi-smooth, and antique stone finish in over 120 colors.
  • You can specify any size of holes.
  • All pots are sealed from both interior and exterior with no extra charge.


72" w x 28" h 60" w x 28" h 54" w x 28" h 48" w x 24" h
72" w x 24" h 60" w x 24" h 54" w x 24" h 48" w x 18" h
72" w x 18" h 60" w x 18" h 54" w x 18" h 48" w x 12" h
36" w x 18" h 34" w x 10" h 30" w x 15" h 24" w x 12" h
36" w x 15" h* 32" w x 12" h 30" w x 12" h 24" w x 08" h
36" w x 12" h 32" w x 15" h 30" w x 10" h 18" w x 08" h


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