Happy New Year everyone, we have a few fire bowls in stock, call or email us to check.

Water and Fire- Meron Flat Ribbed

This Water and fire feature was designed and installed by Royal Gecko Land Art Inc. based in Mission Viejo California.

This special design utilizes a large Meron Flat Ribbed 48" w x 13.5"h built with a special customized pedestal designed to hold a smaller 24" w x 8"h Meron Ribbed bowl to be used as a fire bowl.

The Meron Flat Ribbed bowl design repeats itself all around the pool, as planting bowls, fire bowls, and water bowls complimenting the entire design.

As always you can pick your own size and have fun with the design!

Meron Flat Ribbed -Some Available Sizes:

Lower Bowl Lower Bowl Lower Bowl Lower Bowl
72" w x 20" h 60" w x 17" h 54" w x 15" h 48" w x 13.5" h
Upper bowl Upper Bowl Upper Bowl Upper Bowl
43" w x 12" h 36" w x 10" 30" w x 8" h 24" x 8"


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