Happy Independence Day America!


We would like to welcome to our new catalog in our new website. The good news are that it looks much better on mobile devices, and is faster.

The first thing I would like to admit, is that, yes,  it's a bit confusing, especially the fire bowls section. Moving from one platform to a completely new one, working with new people, while running our business, and our family life, has been a bit challenging lately.  Please bear with us as we improve the catalog section, and make it more organized and clear. Trust me we are on top of it. 

Any of the pots, water features, and fire bowls that you see, can be customized. We can make different sizes, we can add ribs, make a round pot design into a squared design. Fabricate half a pot to go against a straight wall, or one to go into a corner. 

Please feel free to explore the knowledge base area of our website, Fire bowls 101 is a great tool, for both professionals and homeowner. 

Please, do not hesitate to email us, or call with any questions you might have.